Church of the Brothers Hospitallers

ul. Krakowska 48, Kraków


At first, the Order of the Most Holy Trinity settled in Lviv, whence they went to Kraków in 1688.

In 1741, after saving funds for a long period of time, the resources allowed the commencement of a construction of the monastery, which lasted for the next dozen or so years. In 1758, it was finally finished and consecrated by the suffragan of the Kraków diocese, Franciszek Potkański. The church's façade, designed by a Roman architect who settled in Poland, Frances Placidi, is a testimony to his extremely high craftsmanship. Since it was estimated to be viewed "in short", from the perspective of a rather narrow street, the "overlapping" solution was applied, with concavities and convexities and rich decorations between uneven, curved lines dividing the façade.

It is one of the most interesting examples of late-Baroque architecture in this part of Europe. The painting décor of the interior by Józef Piltz of Morawy is just as unique. The vaulting over the nave presents St. John of Matha, the founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, buying out captives from the Turks. The polychromy, showing an illusion of perspective, is an excellent example of trompe-l'œil of the Baroque period and at the same time – one of Kraków's curiosities.

Unfortunately, the monks did not enjoy their church for long. Due to a shift in political relations in Europe, their mission was slowly drawing to a close. After the dissolution of the order, the church and monastery were taken over by the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God (1812). For several decades they ran a hospital in the 18th-century monastery.

Only in the years 1897-1906 did they obtain a new seat in a building designed by Teodor Talowski, situated on Trynitarska Street. For years it seemed that the Order of the Most Holy Trinity would be remembered only thanks to the name of the street. Meanwhile, the order came back to Kraków in the year 2000 and today it runs its centre for victims of addiction on Łanowa Street.


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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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