Bernardine Church

ul. Bernardyńska 2, Kraków


The Bernardine Church stands directly at the foot of the Wawel Hill. The first Gothic church was completely destroyed during the Swedish Deluge.

The present building was erected in the 2nd half of the 17th century. When ascending the hill we can see the sunken copula of the church. It was placed low on purpose, so that it was not taller than the church's façade. This was done for strategic reasons – a potential artillery fire from the Wawel Hill would threaten the distinguished elements of the structure.

Inside the church it is worth noticing a Baroque painting in St. Anne's Chapel, depicting danse macabre, and an altar which is also a mausoleum of St. Szymon of Lipnica. He was a Bernardine monk who lived in the 15th century and fell victim to a plague whilst helping the sick. The monks have kept his coat to this day – it is thought to have healing powers.


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Date: 2013-06-17 Show ticket
News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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