Collegium Iuridicum

ul. Grodzka 53, 33-332 Kraków

In the initial years of the 15th century, thanks to Władysław II Jagiełło's foundation, after joining two town houses, a spacious, quadrangular building was formed with a rectangular courtyard in the middle. From then on, Collegium Iuridicum contained lecture halls, an assembly hall, an oratory and a library for legal practitioners (from whom the edifice took its name) as well as professors' apartments. It had three exits: to Kanonicza Street, Grodzka Street and the neighbouring Maria Magdalena Square.

In the course of the next centuries, the edifice was rebuilt several times. The most important changes were made after a fire in the 1730s, when the whole structure was given a uniform architectural form in the spirit of early Baroque. At that time, the stone façade from the side of Grodzka Street received a bossage portal with the coat of arms of the academy on a decorative cartouche.

On the side of the courtyard, one of the most beautiful arcade galleries in Kraków was built. Many Gothic and Renaissance remnants are preserved in the edifice, such as various vaults, portals and decorative frames. Worthy of special regard is a late-Gothic stepped gable from the side of Kanonicza Street – one of two such structures in Kraków on secular buildings (the other one being Collegium Maius).

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News author: Karol Róg
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