St. Benedict's Church and Fort

ul. Rękawka, Kraków

St. Benedict's Church was probably erected in the 11th century, high on a verge of a rocky slope of the submontane Krzemionki (235 m). Perhaps it was funded by the Benedictines from Tyniec, which is indicated by the name of the patron saint. However, these are only speculations, as the history of this initially Romanesque rotunda is lost in the dark past.

All we know right now is that in the 13th century, the church belonged to the Norbertines from Zwierzyniec, which is confirmed by Jan Długosz' annals. In mid-19th century, when the Austrians implemented a project aiming to strengthen the Kraków Fortress, a fort was built in the vicinity of St. Benedict's Church, called "Maximilian bastion". This rare, well-preserved monument of the defensive art, one of very few in Europe, is currently awaiting thorough renovation and reasonable development.

The near-by meadow, a popular destination for walkers and leisure-seekers, offers a unique view of Kraków.


Translation: Summa Linguae

Date: 2016-03-28 Show ticket
News author: Karol Róg
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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