Grodzka Street

ul. Grodzka, Kraków

Grodzka Street is one of the oldest streets in Kraków. It existed even before the charter of 1257. It was an important section of the early medieval trade route that led from north to south. Later on, it constituted part of the so-called salt tract, leading to Wieliczka, Myślenice and farther on to Hungary. Initially, the street would end at the fortifications of Okół, an old settlement between the Wawel Hill and Kraków, which was much older than Kraków itself. This border probably ran somewhere near today's Senacka Street. Its first section at the Main Market Square is characterised by a deformed layout caused by the location of St. Adalbert's Church, which had stood on a slight hill in the 14th century. The street's course and width have not changed since the Middle Ages, except for the section that goes from the Main Market Square to Dominikański Square, where the external faces of the rebuilt houses of the even frontage were retracted after the great fire of 1850, thus widening the street by several metres. When Okół was finally incorporated into Kraków in the 14th century, both parts of the previously divided Grodzka Street, terminated at the foot of the castle by the Grodzka Gate, were integrated and organised. The buildings of the street were made of brick as early as the 14th century, and its shape, as it appears today, was ultimately formed at the beginning of the 16th century. This was when the name Grodzka started to apply to the whole street.
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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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