Romanesque window

ul. Grodzka 56, Kraków

The model is situated on a wall surrounding the little square by the Church of St Andrew at Grodzka Street 56. Descriptions in Braille are found on the sides of the model: in Polish on the left, and in English on the right.

The model presents a window typical of the Romanesque style, from the stone tower of St Andrew's. With its semicircular top, the window is a characteristic element of Romanesque architecture. The presented window is a biforium, that is a twin arcaded window with a column separating its two identical parts. A different type of Romanesque window, the so-called triforium (consisting of three parts) we found on the previous model, on the façade of the Church of St Andrew, between the church towers. Analysing the texture of the wall surrounding the window opening, we realise that the towers, not unlike nearly the entire church, are built from smallish stone blocks.


Romanesque window (mp3)

Date: 2014-12-09 Show ticket
News author: Damian Żelezik
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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