Jan Matejko House

ul. Floriańska 41, Kraków

A model depicting the head of Jan Matejko is built into the face of the house No. 41, at a height of approximately 150 cm (5 feet) above the level of the pavement, left of the entrance to the house, which since 1898 has been a museum devoted to the great artist, and since 1904 a branch of the National Museum. This is where Jan Matejko was born in 1839, spent his childhood and the years of youth; here he had his studio, hosted the Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, and died in 1893.

A bar relief of the head of a mature bearded man is set in the top left-hand section of a picture frame. The face of the artist – recalling his last self-portrait – is thoughtful. Looking at the passers-by from behind spectacles with thin rims are the eyes of the maestro, worried about the fate of the homeland. Situated below the head of the artist is a painter's palette. Here, situated next to the paintbrushes – the necessary attribute of a painter – is the information in Braille that replaced the paints. Eager to feel at least a trace of the atmosphere of the artistic studio preserved to this day in the house of the maestro in line with his will, tourists posing for photographs frequently put their fingers into the opening in the palette. Preserved in the studio too are objects gathered by the artists as props for his historical paintings.


Jan Matejko House (mp3)

Date: 2016-04-10 Show ticket
News author: Karol Róg
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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