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At PerkinElmer, we help scientists, clinicians and governments to diagnose diseases, to improve the effectiveness of therapies, the quality of drinking water and food products.

PerkinElmer, an American company operating in the field of natural science technologies, is the leading supplier of systems dedicated to the improvement of human health and the quality of the environment. Co-created by an outstanding team of 7,500 employees, the company is located in over 150 countries worldwide. Our innovative detection, imaging and software solutions support the correct decision-making process in science, medicine and industry. We provide our customers not only with advanced technology, but also with key knowledge and support that helps them achieve increasingly better results.

PerkinElmer in Poland

Creation of the largest Customer Relations Centre in Kraków

In Poland, our offices are located in Warsaw and Kraków. Our office in Warsaw is a base for sales and service operations supporting our customers in Poland, whereas our new office in Kraków is the Customer Relations Centre. Since September 2012, we have expanded our potential of providing solutions of outstanding quality to our customers at this location. Today, the Customer Relations Centre employs over 200 persons and serves mainly European countries, as well as our export countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Employment of local talent

Contribution to the developing labour market in Kraków

PerkinElmer plays the leading role in contributing to the development of Kraków as an innovation centre by employing talented persons, mainly graduates of local schools of higher education. The employment opportunities that we offer to our employees are unique on the Kraków labour market, including close connection with the world of science, contact with state-of-the-art technologies and a more extensive scope of tasks than observed traditionally in shared service centres functioning in Kraków. Today, the Customer Relations Centre in Kraków is developing intensively in accounting and customer service areas. We provide recruitment services for teams co-operating with Nordic countries and Benelux countries and with the market of Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also seek lawyers for work in the contract administration division, biotechnologists and chemists for remote sales departments, marketing experts for work on e-commerce systems and IT engineers with various specialisations for the development of our software. Our offer is addressed to persons with various kinds of education - from exact sciences to social sciences, and with various levels of experience.

We serve customers around the world

We fulfil and anticipate customers’ needs regarding knowledge and experience

Our office in Kraków is deeply engaged in continuous dialogue with our customers, which mainly include research institutions and technological companies operating in the field of innovations relating to biological sciences, diagnostics and environmental markets. Striving continuously to achieve excellent results, we try to predict the needs of our customers, thereby contributing to their successes. An integral part of our work in Kraków is also co-operation with our internal customers – sales and service organisations of PerkinElmer in Europe. This co-operation is as inspiring as the dialogue with our external customers.

Development of personnel

We owe our success to our personnel

The development of our personnel is our priority. Our employees are offered transparent career opportunities that allow them to fulfil their own ambitions and needs, at the same time bringing the best possible benefits to the company.

  • Even Brighter Academy – our own innovative talent development program aimed at the development of employees' skills in four main areas: business, technology, soft skills and leadership. We are considering opening an Academy for students of Kraków schools of higher education for the purpose of dedicated staff training.
  • Core values – We act according to clear rules and a system of values determining our culture, which is dynamic, flexible and action-oriented. We focus on the support of innovativeness, the proactive sharing of knowledge and committed co-operation, appreciating and drawing on diversity and individuality.
  • Remuneration – In order to appreciate our employees properly, we offer competitive basic pay, a number of pay and non-pay benefits and a variable remuneration system recognising individual achievements. We make strategic investments in particularly talented persons.


PerkinElmer Shared Services sp. z o.o. | Al. Bora-Komorowskiego 25 | 31-476 Kraków

PHONE: +48 12 363 26 00


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