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Samsung Polska Research and Development Centre is one of the largest and most rapidly developing establishments of this kind in Europe. We began with the designing of subsystems of digital satellite TV receivers, but we quickly expanded our area of interest. Today, it encompasses: advanced digital TV systems, convergence of platforms, mobile systems, smart technologies and solutions for enterprises. An important role in our operations is also played by quality and certification centres, which control the conformity of products of Samsung Electronics with the highest quality and reliability standards.

The strength of Samsung Polska Research and Development Centre is people. We are one of the few locations in Europe where engineers come across such modern technologies. This is the place where you can learn very much, but also where you can share your knowledge. The qualities promoted here are innovativeness and creativity, and the acquired experience is invaluable.

The Centre in Kraków has, for instance, the only Samsung R&D Institute division in Europe, responsible for the supply of solutions related to the infrastructure of the LTE network. The Centre has a testing laboratory of the LTE network and provides technical support for European Customers.

For the last few years, Samsung Electronics Polska could boast a certificate obtained from the Top Employers Institute. This year, we were also distinguished for our exceptional employment policy.

In addition, we are pleased to inform you that we ranked first in this year's contest 'Employer for an Engineer', organised by the BEST Association! 10,000 students from Poland took part in the questionnaire to express their opinion on the employer that they consider to be the best. This is a huge distinction for us!

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