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Krakow is an attractive venue for investors who, being highly appreciative of the diverse assets offered by the city, effectively contribute to the dynamic growth of the real estate market. Its advantageous geographical location, the proximity of an international airport, access to a highly qualified and trained workforce, graduates of numerous Krakow’s universities, let alone the inimitable charm and truly magical ambience of this vibrant city, stand for its true potential, at the same time being highly conducive to opting for Krakow as by far the best venue for starting up a business venture.

In recent years particularly significant growth in the investment ratio was noted in the office space sector of the real estate market, which is attributable predominantly to the active involvement of companies in the BPO/SSC sector. Currently, Krakow boasts the highest supply ratio of this particular type of commercial real estate amongst all regional cities.

The hotel sector enjoys similarly dynamic growth. The steadily increasing number of visitors to the city consistently translates into a higher number of investments in the sector. Krakow boasts the highest number of internationally rated hotels in the entire country.

The residential housing sector also merits due attention, especially new build accommodation, as it has been enjoying an unprecedented boom since 2004.

For more detailed insight into the real estate market in Krakow please look up the Krakow Real Estate Market, a comprehensive thematic publication regularly released by the City Development Department.


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