Krakow in Numbers

Krakow in Numbers
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Total city area - 327 km2

The city stretches from the North to the South ca. 18 km, whereas from the West to the East - ca. 31 km

Point of the highest elevation within the city limits - 383 m above sea level   (The J. Piłsudski Mound).

Point of the lowest elevation within the city limits –  188 m above sea level   (mouth of the Potok Kościelnicki creek).

The city of Kraków also happens to be crossed by the 50ºN parallel and the 20ºE meridian.

The co-ordinates of the Adam Mickiewicz monument at Rynek Główny (Main Square) – 50º03'41"N and 19º56'17".


In 1st half of 2017:

population – 766,739 (of which 408,978 females)

number of: births – 4,522; deaths – 3,976

natural incease - 546 (1,43‰)

registered unemployed rate – 3,2%


In 2016:

population - 765,320 (of which 408,223 females)

density of population - 2,340 pers./km2

number of: births - 8,816; deaths - 7,151

natural incease - 1,665 (2,18‰)

registered unemployed rate – 3,6%


For more statistical information on the city of Krakow please look up the following publications and websites:

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