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The concept of spatial and functional development

The key characteristic of the area encompassed by the “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” project is its post-industrial character. This fact alone creates problems related to, among other things, area degradation, environment pollution, urban chaos, and insufficient development of transport and communication links with other districts of the city.

Hence, multi-dimensional changes must be introduced in Nowa Huta. The restructuring and revitalization of the area are top priorities. Cooperation with the ArcelorMittal Poland steelworks is inevitable, which will allow the impact on the environment to be reduced to a minimum.

The strategic project “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” will have an impact on the functioning of the entire region. It will also exert a supra-regional influence.

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Intended investments

The strategic project “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” entails the implementation of four independent investment initiatives:

  • Branice Science and Technology Park (Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Branice)
  • Logistics Centre – economic activity zone (Centrum logistyczne – strefa aktywności gospodarczej)
  • The Błonia 2.0 Open Area for Large-scale Events (Centrum Wielkoskalowych Wydarzeń Kulturalnych Błonia 2.0)
  • Rusiecki Grove – rest-and-recreation area with auxiliary services (Przylasek Rusiecki – obszar rekreacji i wypoczynku z usługami towarzyszącymi)

The conceptual assumptions in the project are based on interrelated synergies between these areas and the intended investments. These areas will be linked by the Nowa Huta of the Future Route (Szlak Nowej Huty Przyszłości). Its introduction will not only connect the individual areas by means of geographical links but also by cultural/ideological ones. For, as well as being a pedestrian and cycle path, it will also be an educational and promotional route dedicated to innovation and ecology, and the history and culture of Nowa Huta.

What is “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” going to be?

  • An attractive area for investors and local entrepreneurs
  • A centre for innovation and modern technologies
  • A business centre
  • A cradle of creativity and design
  • A place which is pro-ecological and friendly to every user
  • A place where history will inspire further development

The outcomes of the project implementation will include ensuring new jobs, as well as development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Potential and prospects

The project’s potential and prospects of future success stem from:

  • the complexity and scope of the enterprise
  • the advantageous location of the area
  • the significant interest of investors in these areas
  • the positive investment climate in Kraków and Małopolska


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