Airbnb and Krakow - partnership for sustainable tourism

On September 16, the Airbnb platform and the City of Krakow signed a letter of intent inaugurating partnership cooperation for sustainable tourism. Both parties will spread  knowledge about the advantages of responsible travelling, as well as exchange data on tourism. For Airbnb, it is the first project ever of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe.

Airbnb and Krakow - partnership for sustainable tourism
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As part of the partnership, Airbnb and the City of Krakow will work together to promote responsible and sustainable tourism by educating hosts and guests and generating awareness about Krakow as a popular destination in Central and Eastern Europe. The City of Krakow is also presented as part of the latest Airbnb marketing campaign. It aims at promoting the city as a popular tourist destination among German visitors (campaign on Facebook). Recent Airbnb analysis shows that guests will start re-planning trips to cities as early in fall.

In order to support the vibrant host community in Krakow, Airbnb and the City are committed to joint initiatives such as educational workshops for hosts, providing comprehensive information on Airbnb's responsible parties, and sending regular email reminders to hosts. Hosts keep up to 97 cents of every euro they charge, and most of the income they receive from hosting benefits directly the local community. In 2019, the Airbnb host and guest community generated $ 117 billion. It was estimated to have a direct economic impact on 30 countries.

Jacek Majchrowski, the Mayor of Krakow: "The letter of intent signed with Airbnb is an important stage in taking joint actions for sustainable tourism, especially as it is part of the tourism policy program for Krakow in the coming years."

Kathrin Anselm, Managing Director of DACH, CEE & Russia at Airbnb: “Krakow, with its historic and picturesque center, is one of the most popular cities in Central and Eastern Europe to travel to with Airbnb. That is why we are honored to be able to work with Krakow to promote innovative and sustainable forms of tourism and deliver the benefits of responsible travel to the city.”

The partnership is the first of its kind between Airbnb and a city in Central and Eastern Europe. Airbnb already cooperates with more than 500 local governments and organizations around the world.

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