European cities and short-term rentals

On September 26, another meeting of European cities was held in Brussels regarding short-term tourist rental being a very important factor influencing their development.

European cities and short-term rentals
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Due to adverse changes under the influence of this phenomenon, three more cities joined Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bordeaux, Krakow, Paris, Valencia and Vienna: Bologna, Florence and London.

Since after the elections to the European Parliament the procedure for the selection of a new Commissioner responsible for the common European market is currently underway, the cities - through the Eurocities organization - have submitted a proposal to the competition committee to make short-term tourist rental one of the issues during the interview of candidates for this position.

As a result of previous activities of city representatives, it is becoming more and more likely that the registration number will identify the legality of the facility where tourist accommodation services are provided. The judgment of the Court of Justice in Luxembourg is still pending in a case brought forth by Paris against one of the online platforms. City representatives are determined to introduce such provisions that will give local authorities the opportunity to introduce appropriate regulations with regard to the function of the city into EU law. After the election of the Commissioner, further meetings are planned, also at the political level.

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