European Travel Agent Forum for the first time in Poland!

ETAF - The European Travel Agent Forum will connect the best travel agencies in North America and the leading tour operators in Europe.

European Travel Agent Forum for the first time in Poland!
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On November 11-13, in Poznan, one hundred American travel agents specializing in selling trips to Europe will meet representatives of the Old Continent's tourism industry at the first European Travel Agent Forum.

The B2B event will aim to start cooperation between the best travel agencies in North America and European leading providers of holidays and trips in Europe.

ETAF will provide a platform for direct business meetings in order to achieve mutual benefits between sellers and organizers; building a network of contacts; business focused training sessions; sponsored product and placement programming.

Participation in ETAF is limited to 100 travel package sellers and 65 tour organizing companies.


ETAF will present a diverse group of European holiday package providers, broken down into service categories and travel destinations. Presentations of partner companies and service providers will include:

• A list of tourist destinations

 • Placement management companies

 • Hotels and tourist resorts

• Travel service organizers and wholesale suppliers

• Cruise lines

• Attractions and activities offered

• Transport service providers

• Associations for today's specialists in the tourism industry


Participation in ETAF provides the company with direct access to an exclusive group of travel service sellers who want to build a network of suppliers and increase their profits:

• Sellers to Organizers ratio - 2: 1

• A table promoting the brand with a diary for jointly arranged individual meetings

• Time for meetings during the fair

• Access to proven producers of tourist services from the USA and Canada - participating in the fair as hosts

• Full access to events aimed at establishing contacts

• Exclusive promotional opportunities for this selected audience

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Author: ETAF
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
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