Surgeons from around the world met in Krakow

Lectures, discussions and industry fairs - this was the largest international meeting of surgeons organized for the first time in Poland.

Surgeons from around the world met in Krakow
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During the opening of the 48th World Surgical Congress on Sunday afternoon, President Jacek Majchrowski welcomed nearly two thousand participants in Krakow. The International Society of Surgery (ISS / SIC) was invited to organize this important event in our city by the Association of Polish Surgeons.

The five-day Congress (11-15 August 2019) was an educational platform for surgeons, doctors specializing in surgery, medical students and members of various surgical teams. A characteristic feature of the World Congress of Surgery is on the one hand the possibility of practical learning, and on the other a discussion of the latest developments in the field of surgical techniques and scientific research. It is also a unique opportunity to meet both peers - young surgeons and mentors, and to get acquainted with specialist knowledge from around the world. 

An interesting series of personal lectures was given by world-renowned experts in their fields. Courses and workshops organized as part of the Congress used the best practices in education and training methods, primarily to enable acquiring surgical knowledge and skills. The Congress consisted of 60 major scientific sessions, as well as presentations and poster sessions from surgical research. Surgical procedures were presented as part of the video-educational sessions.

The Congress was accompanied by the 69th Congress of the Association of Polish Surgeons.

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