10th edition of the "Meeting industry in Krakow 2018" report published!

In 2018, 8156 meetings and events were organized in the city (5215 meetings over 50 people each), which is an increase of 36%,as compared to the previous year.

10th edition of the
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The participation of congresses and conferences at the level of 58% of all meetings in the city is an excellent indicator.

1,114,243 people participated in meetings and events in Krakow in 2018. 506,988 people participated in congresses and conferences, which constituted almost 45% of all participants. This proves an increase in the participation of conference participants and congresses in the total number of guests by 11 percentage points, as compared to the previous year and confirms the validity of the "Krakow is a city of congresses" slogan. It should be emphasized that medical events gathered the greatest number of participants of congresses and conferences (more 129 thousand people). The average length of events is 1.68 days, while international meetings lasted longer, on average more than 2 days.

When it comes to seasonality, the largest number of events was recorded in the spring months (in the following order: March - 700 and May, June - 900 each) and in October (957). The largest number of participants came to the city (over 175,000) in the last month. It should be emphasized that the city hosted 20% of all participants of international events in September. The most important clients of events in Krakow in 2018 were enterprises (almost ¾). The industry perspective points to the key role of the trade and service industry, for which over ⅓ of all meetings and events were organized in 2018. As for the hosts, 6,195 events took place in Krakow hotels. In this context, it is important that the offer of facilities that have conference rooms has been extended (the number of facilities increases by 1.2%, the number of rooms by 1%). These were mainly hotels with a high standard, open in the city center. It should be emphasized that all indicators regarding the infrastructure of the meetings and events industry in Krakow have improved.

Summing up 2018, it is necessary to emphasize the  city's advance of 9 places in the ICCA ranking. The 45th position in the world, obtained thanks to the organization of 53 association meetings, of a cyclical nature in Krakow, meeting all ICCA requirements, proves the recognition of the city as an attractive destination for the meetings industry.

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Author: KCB
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
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