Rules for the use of tourist stops in Krakow - effective as at 05.05.2019

Only in the places indicated or directly at coach car parks can you stop to allow passengers to leave the bus or to pick up a group.

Rules for the use of tourist stops in Krakow - effective as at 05.05.2019
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Tourist stops are places of limited parking time (max. up to 10 minutes) only for tourist coaches delivering organized groups of tourists, i.e. under the care of a person representing the organizer of tourism – pursuant to art. 30 par. 1 of the Act of August 29, 1997 on hotel services and services of tour operators and tourist guides (consolidated text, Journal of laws of 2019, item 238).

Restricted parking places for tourist coaches are marked in the city with the B-35 sign ("parking ban") with a sign saying: "Does not apply to tourist buses up to 10 minutes." and the horizontal road sign "K+R BUS".

1. You should drive up to the stop only to allow passengers to leave the bus or to pick up a waiting group.

2. When you stop at the bus stop, turn off the bus engine.

3. To enable smooth traffic, leave the stop immediately after passengers leave or enter the bus. The bus stop time cannot exceed 10 minutes.

Failure to comply with the above provisions may result in criminal sanctions.

In Krakow, there are 8 places for a limited stop for tourist coaches in the following places:

Marked as "K+R BUS":

1. pl. Matejki (2 positions) (GPS coordinates: 50°03'58.5"N 19°56'32.1"E),

2. ul. Dajwór (1 position) (GPS coordinates: 50°03'11.7"N 19°56'54.8"E),

3. ul. Na Zjeździe in both directions of travel - at pl. Bohaterów Getta – 1 position (GPS coordinates: 50°02'48.4"N 19°57'17.2"E), and at the building at ul. Lwowska 1 position (GPS coordinates: 50°02'45.3"N 19°57'19.6"E),

4. al. Daszyńskiego (2 positions) (GPS coordinates: 50°03'10.3"N 19°57'13.3"E,

5.   ul. Pawia (3 stanowiska) – between ul. Worcella and ul. Households (GPS coordinates: 50°03'58.8"N 19°56'42.6"E),

6.    ul. Wielopole (1 position) (GPS coordinates: 50°03'33.3"N 19°56'34.5"E),

7.    ul. Podgórska from the Vistula River (2 positions) (GPS coordinates: 50°03'07.5"N 19°57'21.6"E).


8. Car park near Wawel ul. Powiśle 11 (2 positions) (GPS coordinates: 50°03'20.7"N 19°55'47.4"E) –paid interchange terminal – up to 15 minutes.

After leaving the place of a limited stop time, we suggest using car parking positions for coaches:

- ul. Powiśle 11, (near Wawel) - 20 stations for coaches + get on / off stop (GPS coordinates: 50°03'20.1"N 19°55'47.9"E),

- al. 3-go maja 17 (H. Reyman Municipal Stadium) – 50 positions, (GPS coordinates: 50°03'41.3"N 19°54'39.2"E),

- ul. Reymonta 22 (H. Reyman Municipal Stadium) - (GPS coordinates: 50°03'57.2"N 19°54'45.4"E),

- ul. Kopernika (at the PTTK Tourist House) - 7 positions for coaches (GPS coordinates: 50°03'39.1"N 19°56'42.8"E),

- ul. Kamienna 2-4 PWI VINFORT - 3 positions for coaches during daytime / 10 at night (GPS coordinates: 50°04'29.0"N 19°56'14.8"E),

- ul. Kamienna 8 - 60 positions for coaches (GPS coordinates: 50°04'33.7"N 19°56'26.7"E),

- ul. Karmelicka 26 - (GPS coordinates: 50°03'54.9"N 19°55'44.6"E),

- ul. Turowicza 9 - 60 positions for coaches (GPS coordinates: 50°01'21.5"N 19°56'49.3"E),

- ul. Motarskiego - (Łagiewniki) (only for pilgrims) - 20 positions for coaches (GPS coordinates: 50°01'05.1"N 19°56'25.8"E),

- ul. Totus Tuus 30, (Sanctuary of St. John Paul II) - access from ul. Witosa - 9 positions - (GPS coordinates:50°00'44.3"N 19°56'13.4"E),

- ul. S. Lema 7 (Tauron Arena Krakow) – 10 positions (GPS coordinates: 50°04'00.8"N 19°59'26.1"E) - telephone contact required before arrival: 739 455 634,

- ul. Wita Stwosza (at the AK Museum) - 50 positions (GPS coordinates: 50°04'17.0"N 19°56'58.4"E),

- ul. Podgórska (near Gallery Kazimierz) - parking bay - 2-3 positions - urban parking fee - (GPS coordinates: 50°03'08.1"N 19°57'21.2"E).

- pl. Braci Dudzińskich (near the PKP Krakow Płaszów railway station) - (GPS coordinates: 50°02'05.5"N 19°58'23.4"E) - a site without a manager.


In Krakow there are also places of a limited "K+R" stop for cars up to 3 min (also vehicles up to 3.5 tons). In the city center, such places are:

 1.   ul. Garbarska – 3 positions, (GPS coordinates: 50°03'53.4"N 19°55'55.2"E)

 2.   ul. Zyblikiewicza – 3 positions, (GPS coordinates: 50°03'37.3"N 19°56'39.9"E)

 3.   ul. Straszewskiego – 2 positions, (GPS coordinates: 50°03'28.0"N 19°56'01.0"E)

 4.   ul. Kapucyńska – 2 positions, (GPS coordinates: 50°03'42.9"N 19°55'50.8"E)

 5.   ul. Starowiślna – (max 5 min) 2 positions, (GPS coordinates:  GPS: 50°03'31.9"N 19°56'33.9"E)

 6.   ul. Pawia – 2 positions, (GPS coordinates: 50°03'58.8"N 19°56'42.6"E)


If you manage a car park that has not been included here and want to report its location, please contact the Tourism Department of the City of Krakow – phone number: 12 616 60 70

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