ICE Kraków has announced the business event calendar for 2019

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre, the city’s business and cultural landmark, has announced its plans for 2019. During the press briefing on 27 February this year, nearly 50 events were announced, which will take place at the foot of Wawel Hill. The operator of the venue, the Krakow Festival Office, continues its policy of attracting congresses, conferences and business meetings, both international and domestic, to the capital of Małopolska.

ICE Kraków has announced the business event calendar for 2019
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You can usually read a lot about Krakow in the media. According to research by the Polish Tourist Organisation, it is still the most recognisable Polish urban brand in the world. Last year alone, the city was visited by nearly 13 million tourists, including participants of business events. All events organised in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre strengthen the urban brand of Krakow. Its value increases thanks to marketing activities, advertising campaigns and media messages.

One of the priorities when designing promotional activities by host cities, facilities and organisers – is to place the city brand in texts, materials and graphics. The Krakow Festival Office – the operator of ICE Kraków – also operates in line with this strategy, in cooperation with the local industry and the Krakow Convention Bureau also operates. The full name of the venue is the ICE Kraków Congress Centre (ICE meaning International Conferences and Entertainment).

Data from the Media Monitoring Institute, with which ICE Kraków cooperates in the field of monitoring content about the congress centre, indicates that just in 2018, the slogan “ICE Kraków Congress Centre” – and thus the name of the city itself – appeared in the media 13,394 times. 

It is also worth recalling that in 2018, 200 events were organised at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre and 255,000 guests visited the venue in 2018. From the inauguration on 16 October 2014 to the end of 2018, the Centre hosted nearly 800 events. During this time, ICE Kraków was visited by 1,022,000 people from all over the world.

LIST OF CONGRESSES | CONFERENCES | EVENTS, announced during the press briefing (as of 26 February 2019)

  • 6th European Labour Mobility Congress| 14–15 March | congress
  • Absolvent Talent Days| 19 March | job fair
  • INVEST CUFFS 2019| 22–23 March | the largest investment congress in Europe
  • Commercial brand congress | 28–29 March | closed event
  • EuCAP 2019| 31 March – 5 April| 13th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
  • 5th European Congress of Local Governments 2019| 8–9 April | congress
  • Intensive therapy – challenges and opportunities in the treatment of patients in critical conditions | 12–13 April | medical congress
  • Controversies in psychiatry 2019 – 11th National Scientific and Training Conference | 26–27 April | medical congress
  • Neurology 2019 – 15th National Scientific and Training Conference | 26–27 April | medical congress
  • Great Jubilee of the 222nd anniversary of the founding of Primary School No. 2 |29 April | closed event
  • Event | 1 May | closed event
  • McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine (MIRCIM) | 10–11 May | medical congress
  • impact’19 | 21–22 May | economic congress
  • Interna 2019 – 18th National Training Conference TIP “Progress in internal diseases” | 24–25 May | medical congress
  • Digital Dragons 2019| 27–28 May | leading European video games industry congress
  • Commercial brand congress | 29 May | closed event
  • OWHC: World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities | 2–5 June | congress
  • RNA 2019: The 24th Annual Meeting of RNA Society| 11–16 June | life-science industry congress
  • ASPIRE CONFERENCE 2019 | 18 June | conference of the ASPIRE association
  • Equology Conference | 21–22 June | conference
  • Devoxx 2019 | 24–26 June | IT industry congress
  • 20th EMDR Europe Conference | 28–30 June | congress on psychotherapy (EMDR: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing”)
  • Graduation ceremony of the Jagiellonian University Medical College | 4 July | Closed event
  • 44th FEBS Congress / Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies| 6–11 July | life-science industry congress
  • 48th World Congress of Surgery | 11–15 August | medical congress
  • International Union of Phlebology, Chapter Meeting | 24–27 August | medical congress (diseases of the venous system)
  • 41st ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism | 31 August–3 September | medical congress (clinical nutrition and metabolism)
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy of children, adolescents and young adults | 5–6 September | medical congress
  • 14th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP 2019) | 8–13 September | congress dedicated to mercury pollution
  • 22nd Congress of the Polish Orthodontic Society| 15–17 September | medical congress
  • 4th Congress of Medical Tourism |16–17 September | congress
  • Paediatric Autumn 2019 – National Scientific and Training Conference | 20–21 September | medical congress
  • 15th International Congress of the European Association of Geriatric Medicine | 25–27 September | medical congress
  • Congress | 30 September – 3 October | closed event
  • BitUp 2019 | 5–6 September | conference and IT fair
  • International Architecture Biennale Krakow 2019 | 8–9 October | conference
  • Congress | 9 October | announcement coming soon
  • The 100th anniversary of the AGH University of Science and Technology | 14–20 October | series of events in the spaces of ICE Kraków
  • 5th BIRTHDAY OF ICE KRAKÓW | 20 October | programme announcement soon
  • Absolvent Talent Days| 22 October| job fair
  • WEBCON DAY 2019 | 23–24 October | IT conference
  • European Cyber Security Forum 2019 | 29–30 October | congress
  • Family Medicine 2019 – news and practice | 15–16 November | medical congress
  • Open Eyes Economy Summit 2019| 19–20 November | value economics congress
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics 2019 – 16th National Training Conference | 22–23 April | medical congress
  • 17th International Conference on Coal Science and Technology (ICCS&T 2019) | 25–27 November | conference of the Institute of Mineral Resources and Energy Management of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology 2019 | 11–13 December | medical congress

Comments from the operator of ICE Kraków

The events presented concern the area of business events. This is related to the specific functioning of the meetings industry. Information about congresses and conferences can be published well in advance. Venues and institutions often fight for the organisation of congresses and conferences for three to five years.  Cultural events – festivals, concerts, ballet performances – will of course be included in the ICE Kraków calendar, as they are every year, but a lot of information about the stars and concert tours cannot yet be made public. This is connected to the contracts with event organisers. Cultural events will be successively announced at Negotiations with the organisers of more events are in progress, and the current list of events is available in the Venue Calendar on the website.


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