Open Eyes Economy Summit for the third time in Krakow

The third edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress will take place at the ICE Krakow Congress Center on November 20 and 21. It is made up of approx. 100 companies and institutions, over 170 speakers from around the world and 2,000 visitors from over 20 countries! All this to promote a socially-based approach to the economy and to create a place for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Open Eyes Economy Summit for the third time in Krakow
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The Open Eyes Economy Summit congress is an opportunity to summarize the whole year of work and share insights on the new economy. The main assumption is to organize work in such a way as to achieve profits accompanied by building trust in employees and clients, supporting culture, innovation and ecology. Social values are the most important element of this approach to the economy.

– I am glad that the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress, promoting economic thinking based on social values, has permanently entered the calendar of Krakow events. Its international dimension, and the participation of experts from around the world, make Krakow a very important place on the map of meetings, which strengthens the positive image of the city. Therefore, I can say with no doubt that Krakow - one of the most economically attractive metropolises in Europe and a center that creates opportunities for its inhabitants - is the ideal location for this event – the Mayor, Jacek Majchrowski said.

– The Open Eyes Economy Summit Congress is a great opportunity for the idea of corporate social responsibility to be disseminated and implemented. During the two-day debate, economists, local government officials and representatives of the largest international companies attempt to analyze the current trends and create new ideas shaping the image of the modern world in which business development serves the development of the whole society. I am glad that the Malopolska Region is once again a partner of this event. I am convinced that it will abound in new ideas and solutions enriching the concepts of modern society - Jacek Krupa, the Marshal of the Malopolska Region, said.

The OEES includes five thematic blocks: COMPANY-IDEA, BRAND - CULTURE, CITY-IDEA, MAN - WORK, INTERNATIONAL ORDER. The formula of the congress reflects its philosophy - it is open, lively, dynamic. During the event, intellectual fights, inspirational sessions, deepening sessions and special battle point sessions are underway. You can also visit meeting points - intimate places where participants of the congress can ask selected speakers questions. The participants will include well-known names and outstanding personalities, among others: Professor Associate Jerzy Bralczyk PhD, Professor Zhu Wenyi, Janina Ochojska, Tomáš Sedláček, David Černý, Ian Brzezinski, Luca Jahier.

– The Open Eyes Economy Summit was launched to revise the established economic beliefs and practices. The idea of the economics of open eyes has been close to me for years. The time has come not only to talk about it, but also to put it into practice. During the year-round process which includes numerous conferences, sessions and seminars, and ends with a congress, we seek answers to difficult questions, suggest solutions and inspire - Professor Associate Jerzy Hausner PhD, the chairman of the OEES Program Board, says.

Mateusz Zmyślony, the creative director and co-founder of the OEES, added: "In the modern world, Europe and Poland, there is not enough space and time to keep distance to the tiring and often mindless reality. We make up for the deficits during the Open Eyes Economy Summit. This is an opportunity to discuss the ethics of animal breeding, sense of tree felling, as well as the chance to talk directly to authorities, professors, activists and politicians from around the world."

In addition to the summit itself, the Open Eyes Festival, focusing on artistic projects, is also organized. This year, intellectual debates will be spiced up by: Franz Bunsch's "Space for Art" exhibition, the "Amber Tree" performance by Art Color Ballet, the "Speak calmer - Zagajewski & Pawlik" concert as well as a happening and "The artist changes the world" exhibition by Cecylia Malik, a Krakow artist, and an exhibition of photographs by Ryszard Horowitz.

Open Eyes Economy Summit registration is now open. Tickets can be purchased through the website.


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News author: Daniel Łapaj
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