Mayor of the City of Krakow Mr. Jacek Majchrowski invites to the first edition of the  international conference HISTORICAL CITIES 3.0

Motto of the conference:  I am lucky to live where others can visit only for a moment …  

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Thanks to its centuries-old heritage, coherent image and a strong tourist offer, historic cities strengthen the identity of their residents, integrate the economies of their regions and build the brands of their countries. Most of the innovations are created there and the cities’ economies tend to be bigger than the economies of some countries. The contemporary, ever-increasing tourist flows mean that the processes of city functioning and the development of local entrepreneurship should lead to the reduction of conflicts caused by the development of the tourist function, even at the cost of reducing tourism. The fact that the urban planning of historic cities has limited capacity makes tourism management increasingly difficult, as it must take the multiplicity and diversity of stakeholders and their points of view into account. Competing for the resources of a city can lead to conflicts of functions, which is manifested by the tourist gentrification endangering the city. Meanwhile, the high quality of life of the residents and stay is to be the overriding goal of local sustainable development strategies. Do residents and visitors stand opposite? How to improve the quality of life and comfort of the visitors? The purpose of the conference is, among others, to exchange the experiences, good practices of historical cities, seek legal, organizational and financial solutions in the aspect of tourism development.


The international conference is scheduled for March 1-2, 2018

ICE Kraków Congress Centre, Krakow



  1. Target groups: municipalities, NGOs, DMOs, economic self-governments
  2. Conference language – English / Polish, simultaneous interpreting
  3. Plenary session with official and content related speeches
  4. Theme panels:
    • Panels preceded by a thematic case study
    • panel time – 90 minutes
    • 9-10 panel participants + the moderator
  5. Signing of a declaration of participating cities: HISTORICAL CITIES TOURIST NETWORKING – KRAKOW DECLARATION.
  6. Post Congress Tours –  additional fees apply


Official patrons:  Organization of World Heritage Cities

Local partners: Krakow Chamber of Tourism, Malopolska Tourist Organization


The first day:

8.30-10.00      registration

10.00-11.30    session of official appearances

11.30-12.00    coffee break

12.00-12.30    case study introducing panel

12.30-14.00    panel 1: GOOD LIFE VS. ATTRACTIVE DESTINATION? - Demand aspect panel

14.00-15.00    lunch

15.00-16.30    case study introducing panel

16.30-18.00 panel 2: SMART CITY, BUT FOR WHOM? - The role of new technologies historical cities

18.00            end of day one

20.00              reception

The second day:

08.30-10.30    sightseeing

10.30-11.00    coffee break in ICE Kraków

11.00-11.30    case study introducing panel

11.30-13.00    panel 3: 24 HOUR CITY- How to adapt and organize a tourist city for both residents and tourists?


13.30-14.00    conference summary  - Deputy Mayor of Krakow

14.00-15.00    lunch, closing of the conference

15:00-             post-conference visits


For more information, please contact: pt.umk@um.krakow.pl

Official websiete of the conference: www.historicalcity.eu


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