The latest ICCA report is now available

In the ICCA Statistics Report 2016, the key industry report, Krakow ranked 65th in the world and 32th in Europe, hosting 41 meetings. This is a drop as compared to 2015, when Krakow was 49th in the world and 26th among European cities.

The latest ICCA report is now available

In the international ranking of countries Poland was 17th and 10th in Europe. In comparison, in 2015, Poland was ranked 21st in the world and 14th in Europe, and 193 meetings were held. In 2016, 195 ICCA meetings were held in the country.

The ICCA's International Ranking Report 2016 covers more than 113 countries around the world, including Poland. Warsaw was the first among the Polish cities - according to the ICCA data, 71 meetings were organized in the capital, which gives the city 19th place in Europe and 30th in the international ranking. Krakow is followed by Wroclaw, as another Polish city, which recorded an increase by as many as 41 places, with 26 meetings, and is ranked 98th in the world. The list also included Gdansk (17 meetings, 152th place) and Poznan (14 meetings, 186th place).

The data is collected from the members of the ICCA, whose task is to collect and send information about meetings in their city, region or country. The meetings need to meet three conditions at the same time: to be held cyclically, to bring together at least 50 participants and migrate between at least three countries. The ICCA report is one of the key publications summarizing the number of association meetings in individual countries and cities.

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