The Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux signs a memorandum

The Strategic Alliance of National Convention Bureaux of Europe signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" containing the criteria for membership, including the obligations and objectives. The Alliance is the first of its kind and aims to increase cooperation between offices in Europe, in order to maintain and strengthen its position as number one for meetings of associations around the world (ICCA 2014).

The Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux signs a memorandum

The Memorandum of Understanding was announced on 14 April, during the Global Meetings Industry Day, GMID, and it was in fact signed at the latest meeting in Munich. The Alliance defined its objectives as: - promoting and supporting the exchange of knowledge between members, the simplification and strengthening of the approach to key markets and a comprehensive study of the market through joint actions. The process of making decisions based on the majority of the members present and membership as for one of the offices of the given country.

"The Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux is a step towards strengthening cooperation in Europe. I am very pleased that Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourist Organisation is a founding member of this organization and I hope that this will strengthen the position of Poland"- sums up the head of the PTO Poland Convention Bureau, Krzysztof Celuch.

The strategic alliance agreed to meet twice a year and the next meeting will take place on 22 - 23 September 2016 in Riga, Latvia. During a meeting at the Hotel Platzl, Munich, Sweden and Scotland were confirmed as new members (a total of 24 countries). Members also received the latest update on market research in China.

Matthias Schulze, the Managing Director of the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and Eric Bakermans, a marketing manager at the Dutch Convention Bureau, summed up:

"The Memorandum of Understanding is a significant step forward for our Alliance. It's essential for the growing organization to have clear objectives and a defined manner of joint effort on achieving them. Adopting a partnership approach reinforces our position in global meetings and events, both in individual countries and the wider Alliance."

The national meeting offices making up the Alliance include: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain Sweden and Switzerland.

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