The opening of the tourist season in Krakow

The 27th Tourism Forum was held on Friday, April 8th, in the Meeting Hall of Krakow City Council. This symbolic opening of the tourist season, which this year seems to be exceptional because of the pilgrims who will travel to our city to meet Pope Francis and to take part in World Youth Day.

The opening of the tourist season in Krakow
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- I don’t need to tell anyone that the World Youth Day is, for the City, a huge chance and a great challenge. Krakow has been a venue for pilgrim tourism for a couple of years now. We hope that the World Youth Day will give impetus to the development of this important tourist sector in our city. The city has been preparing itself for a long time for this event. Reports concerning the preparations will be regularly published on the city website Nevertheless, it should be noted that the City’s efforts are determined by two factors, which are beyond our control. Firstly, the World Youth Day Organisation Committee acting under the auspices of the Church, which signs special contracts for the realisation of activities not only with the City of Krakow but also with other entities. The second factor affecting the decisions made by the City in regard of the organisation of the World Youth Day is the safety and sufficient public security during the event.  In both of the above cases, the City is the contractor of the determinations made, not the leading entity. This does not change the fact that we will strive to do our best to meet expectations. During World Youth Day our informational activities will be focused on the citizens as well. It should be emphasized that, apart from the pilgrims, who are taking part in World Youth Day, we also need to remember about the people who live and work here – said Andrzej Kulig at the 27th Tourism Forum in Krakow.

World Youth Day and the preparations for the event have dominated this year’s Forum. The event programme includes information from the World Youth Day Organisation Committee on the status of the preparations for World Youth Day (subjects: pilgrims’ board, volunteers, the Youth Festival), the draft action plan for the preparations for World Youth Day by the Krakow Festival Office (including  four new locations for Info 
Krakow points - NCK, parking CH Zakopianka, the area of the former motel Krak, the Museum of Aviation) and the introduction of new flights from Balice Airport. A representative of the Krakow Emergency Medical Service also discussed the medical safety plan.

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