Summary of the 4th Krakow Medical Tourism Congress

On October 8-9, the 4th Krakow Medical Tourism Congress was held at the ICE Krakow Congress Center.

Summary of the 4th Krakow Medical Tourism Congress
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The event - organized by the Krakow City Office in cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office, in partnership with the Krakow Chamber of Tourism and the Malopolska Tourist Organization – gathered nearly 200 participants, both from Poland and abroad, including mainly heads and managers, being representatives of the medical and tourist industries. The conference was once again very well received.

The presence of international experts in the field of medical tourism was appreciated along with the initiative of the City of Krakow aimed at developing the tourism sector. The project was recognized and particularly praised by the Polish Association of Private Hospitals, which was expressed in a letter of thanks, among others for the consistent implementation of actions, addressed to the Mayor of the City of Krakow.

After the first edition of the Congress - introducing the issue and exploring the potential of the market - the organizers set themselves the goal of educating and integrating stakeholders. Therefore, subsequent editions raised issues that could pose possible difficulties in the development of medical tourism and presented examples of the use of good practices during panels, lectures and workshops conducted by experts. This year, panels on the possibilities of developing medical tourism through new technologies and internationalization of medical facilities - two very important directions enabling the flourishing of this tourism sector – were particularly noteworthy.

As mentioned many times during the event, the necessary condition for further development is the mentioned integration, consolidation of the industry and cooperation with institutions, and the promotion of medical services in the world is the next stage.

The project is a flagship undertaking that enables creating a platform for the exchange of experiences in the field of medical tourism. In this way, the city also strives to develop sustainable tourism and strives to attract the wealthier tourists.

The organizers invite you to talks waiting for suggestions not only during the annual congress, but throughout the year.

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