Tourist-friendly cities

Kraków was included in the group of 11 European cities under the leadership of Italy’s Genoa that won the "Tourism Friendly Cities" Urbact III project.

Tourist-friendly cities

The project, the scope of which will be detailed this year, aims at exploring and developing tools to maintain a balance between the needs of the local community in terms of the quality of life and the expectations of visitors. It Building a network of local stakeholders in each of the cities is also planned.

URBACT is the European Territorial Cooperation Program for Sustainable Urban Development. It emphasizes the key role that cities play in the face of increasingly complex social changes. URBACT helps cities to develop practical, innovative and sustainable methods that combine economic, social and environmental dimensions. It enables them to share good practices and the gained experience with all professionals involved in urban policy in Europe.

URBACT's mission is to enable cities to collaborate and develop integrated solutions for common urban challenges through networking, learning from each other, drawing conclusions and identifying good practices to improve urban policy.

Participation in the Program consists in networking cities (i.e. creating project consortia) with various thematic areas important for urban development, e.g. urban regeneration, supporting the transition to a low-emission economy, promoting social inclusion and combating poverty, promoting employment and employee mobility, strengthening research, technological development and innovation, etc.

In URBACT networks, cities share experiences and good practices, learn from each other and draw joint conclusions to improve their urban policies. Every city participating in the network using the URBACT method must create an URBACT Local Support Group to involve local stakeholders. Local Support Groups are created at the beginning of the network's activity, and their aim is to develop a Local Action Plan that can and should become an important strategic or operational document of each project partner.

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