April record at Krakow Airport!

In April, Krakow airport handled 415 520 passengers. This represents an increase of as much as 19% (i.e. 65 thousand passengers) compared to April 2015. This is an all-time record. April 29 also reported a record number of 17, 015 passengers handled in one day.

April record at Krakow Airport!
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An increase was also recorded in the number of operations performed - there were 3 576 of them, an increase by 19%, as compared to April 2015.

April is not only a record month in terms of the number of passengers, but also a month in which  Krakow Airport hosted Routes Europe 2016 - by far the largest European forum in terms of the number of participants and exhibitors. Routes Europe 2016 delegates were impressed with both the charms of the city and the efficient organization of the event. - Radoslaw Włoszek,the acting President of the Management Board of Krakow Airport said: I hope that the more than 50 substantive meetings of Krakow airport representatives with carriers, ports and tourist organizations during the Routes Europe 2016 will result in tangible benefits over the next few years as regards the widening of the network of connections from Krakow Airport, and thus the continued development of Krakow and the Małopolska Region - Włoszek concludes.

In April, easyJet inaugurated flights to Milan Malpensy and Jet2com - to Manchester.

In the first four months of 2016, Krakow airport handled a total of 1 392 231 passengers, an increase of 19%, as compared to 2015.

The host of this year's edition of Routes Europe was Krakow Airport and the event partners were the City of Krakow and the Małopolska Region.

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