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On 8-9 October 2019, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre will host the 4th Kraków Congress of Medical Tourism.

Study travels - promotional tool for Krakow

Every year, the city of Krakow hosts about 200 journalists from around the world. Currently, Krakow can afford to host the selection of media.

Time crystals - JU international workshops

Time crystals are quantum systems that exhibit behavior known from solid state physics, but in the domain of time.

European Travel Agent Forum for the first time in Poland!

ETAF - The European Travel Agent Forum will connect the best travel agencies in North America and the leading tour operators in Europe.

Surgeons from around the world met in Krakow

Lectures, discussions and industry fairs - this was the largest international meeting of surgeons organized for the first time in Poland.

The Krakow Convention Bureau is now 15 years old!

In the fifteen years of the Krakow Convention Bureau’s operation, the Krakow brand as a site for organizing various events, both Polish and international, has clearly strengthened.